I linked my epic account with potential hackers, am I safe?

I was asked to link my account with TPG who is a gaming group based in north america i think. Another friend since told me they were hackers in Atlas but I don’t know how severe duping is in terms of hacking and breaching security. I wouldn’t want anything weird to go down with my account and essentially I gave out my steam 64 id and linked my epic account and got rejected immediately so I don’t know why I was rejected even, but if they’re hackers is giving them my account link going to make it easier for them to do weird haxor stuff? legit asking for myself not a friend.

it is more likely that they have taken possession of your machiam change password email epic password and buy yourself a motherboard with a slot for the cip trust module if you have to work do it 100% offline !!!

spam is truly nuclear nowadays you leve you pc to kids for 30m you can format your computer windows is GONE!!

Get something like KEPASS, create long, strong and RANDOM passwords.
Ie. make sure they are not in dictionary even if you substitute letters with numbers etc.
Keep kepass folder local on your PC (later make backup on some USB)

Then replace password for gmail with randomly generated one. Even better if you make new gmail email just for password recovery.

And proceed with all passwords for every single website (you can see stored websites and passwords in browser settings) Then change recovery email of all those websites to your google email.

With long (like 32 characters) RANDOM (not in dictionary) passwords you should be quite safe.
When everything works and you moved over activate double login checks etc, for both gmail and epic account, also steam etc.

I did this few times (like when epic passwords were hacked etc.)

never submit your user or password to websites that “check” if your account is compromised.

for kepass there is option to use hash file as second security besides password.
For copy of it i keep on my PC i created 2048byte random file in UNREAL (with random integer from stream). All i need to remember is SEED for it and length and i can recreate that key file. Without it decrypting kepass database is kind of impossible. But that is my paranoia.