I like the old forum's better

Something seems to be missing information is harder to find, and I can’t change my icon to something I want. Seems like a step back from the previous forums, and its been months since the change and they still seem to suck. Give options for theme and uploading icons, and better way to view posts, the old system was easy to use this once isn’t just going through a tread sort of sucks.

Hi, I’m new user here. This forum is indeed hard to use and feels overbearing, I just make a Topic but the Topic is just nowhere to be seen…

I think it if it was structured more like reddit so things could be up and down voted then had it broken into content categories it would be easier for me to use. Simple categories - Help & Support - Jobs - Release Notes, then under Help & Support - Content - Code categories. Make the system simple and get everyone looking in fewer areas, then maybe expand if needed but right now it is cluster ■■■■ to find anything.

Epic eyeballs are on this thread below right now, so its the right place / right time to get feedback in, as another splintered off thread here may not get a whole lot of attention. :wink: