I like the foliage tool

Just want to say.
I worked with it today and it was quite the pleasure.
Only thing I missed for quite a while was that you can delete instances with Shift+mouseclick.

I have worked with other foliage tools, mainly Vue for that area.
The way UE4 does it is really good. Makes for really fluent painting.
Also that you now in 4.8 have all the species only as little icons on top, and if you tick one, that one gets painted and all its details are shown…this is good stuff. Easy to select what you want,
I will steal this idea for my own foliage tool :slight_smile:

It would be really nice if you could place and edit individual foliage instances

I used the Vue tools quite a bit too. I think Unreal does a pretty good job of placing objects. I wish it had some of the Atmosphere tools for creating skies like Vue.

The recent improvements have been very welcome. I’d still like to see options for selecting and painting user-generated collections / ecosystems; the editor in the Far Cry games (at least 3) handled that in a nice way.

actually one thing i noticed is that you can not select objects to only paint on them.
If you have eg 3 planes on top of each other and paint on the upper one, then the other two also get painted on.