I like cyrengines coding style and architecture more than UE4

i wish UE4 source would be more like cyrengines way. its very clean and easy to understand.but hate cryengines license atm.still confuse what to use…

You can adapt and work with codebases that aren’t to your liking, but if a license is untenable there is little you can do to fix it. There’s also always a third alternative.

“user0123456789” as name, first post, guess its a simple troll. Also, you dont get cryengine sourcecode unlesss you pay a few million dollars for it.

Lumberyard is based on cryengine, and it’s free w/ source code. I’m guessing that’s where he/she saw it.

IP shows it was also posted through a proxy, so I guess someone didn’t want to be identified :wink:

Then why dont you go use cryengine and hop off this forum.

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Yes, both.