I know that this idea isn't really mine.. but What about a Blueprint Portals feature?

Very simple yet very useful.

You would drag from a node’s input or output, release and just like there is “Add Reroute Node…” there to be an option called : “Add Portal Node…” (or so)

It would be a Reroute node, that when you drag out of it and connect it somewhere, it would not have a Visible Wire. (0% opacity or sth)

But when you hover it, or when you turn this feature off from Menu / View / “Hide Portal Wires” it would normally show you a wire.

That simple… and it would be a problem solver… Because so many times we are forced to create custom events, JUST to connect something somwhere that is just really far away… This feature would be just to avoid spaghetti. & reduce the amount of custom events created.

Literally have to create a custom event – just to be called by one more thing. (its for compact reasons obviously) (if you don’t understand what i mean… then no point for you to be here)

Im not the only one who would appreciate this feature… Im only asking why it is that Epic wont implement it.

You shouldn’t need to connect something far away in the first place. If it’s a variable use a Get node. If it’s something else use a function. The best way to avoid spaghetti blueprints is to make sure it’s not spaghetti from the beginning.

This exactly … best ever …

Its come up before obviously: 1 2. But a warning sign here is…
If you need this your code may be becoming unmaintainable.
Why not split logic up into smaller blueprints / other actors??

I think it was requested before, but “Automatic Local Variables” may improve this workflow.

i.e. you Set the variable, if it doesn’t exist - it’s created in local scope as “temporary”.