I know nothing. Send help. Probably easy to fix. 2 audiofiles 1 eventbeginplay

It is my first ue4 project so i followed an easy tutorial to add looped background music even across level
(How To Play Audio Between Levels | Music Across Level Transitions - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube)
and that works great so far. I can pause the game go to options and change the audio bc i still hear it.

But then i decided to add some nature sound as well. I wanted to be able to change both audio volumes sperated from each other in options.

“and i tried to put it behind the music”

the problem: both are played for a short time, but then the first one doesnt loop and stops while the second just continues playing like it should.
Both files are set on looped in the soundclasses.

I guess the problem isnt complicated, but i cant solve it.