I keep getting the error "blueprint runtime error: attempted to access index 6, 7, 8 ...etc from array question of length 6

These are my maps for it plus the error. Can someone please help me with this

It just means the index you’re using to access the array, is greater than that last index of the array.

Sorry, the pics are way too small…

Okay so here is the screenshot of the Index i am using but it still doesnt work, any ideas on what to do?

You do this test


and whatever the result, you then


Why have an IF, if it’s always true. You’re always incrementing the index.

That’s why it’s out of bounds.

Okay I am fairly new to using unreal engine(this is in fact my first project, so please bare with me) but when I uncheck the condition i get a different problem ; The questions dont pop up and it only asks 1 question. here is a screenshot of what i did:

this is another screenshot of the result

Okay thank you i ended up seeing what i did wrong thank you so much

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