I keep getting stopped while trying to run Unreal Engine 4

I keep getting this whenever I run Unreal Engine 4: Compiling Shaders: WorldGridMaterial

Can anyone help me?

Compiling the WorldGridMaterial and other shaders required for that takes a long time. Just leave it running, and it will eventually get done. This only happens the first time you start the editor.

Howdy ForsakenAlpha,

As Zeblote has explained, you may have to let the Engine compile for a bit until the shaders have compiled. If that does not work, then would you mind posting this thread on our AnswerHub, if you have not already? Posting here will provide a better examination of what is exactly happening to you when you are trying to run UE4. The AnswerHub can found here: Also, if you could follow the how to report a bug template, found here: How do I report a bug? - UE4 AnswerHub, this will help with a hasty response.

Thanks and have a great day!