I keep getting spam reported, just got 20 notifications in a row about my post being flagged

this is crazy. ive gotten my account reviewed 2 or 3 times now for nothing. I have evidence of some bot or the website itself mass reporting every post. the image I put here is all within 5 seconds (quite literally). this is ridiculous. the entire forum website is just a mess, because you cant even put links into YouTube videos. in what world could you not do that?!? the people running this thing NEED to fix this dump of a site, because I cant ask questions while getting spam reported by the site, or being able to post one picture at a time, or not being able to put links to anything. it doesnt matter if to preserve the user experience and prevent web bots you ban all the users and restrict them insanely. ive been on these forums for two years and it still says that im a new member. ive created forum topics about these many times, and they never get addressed. the moderators don’t even look at them.

Not having these issues on my end. I can post as many pics, links, vids as I want. I can also upload content.

Since you’ve replied I’ve had 30 more reports. This is insane.

I think it may have glitched and it thinks that your posts where you’ve attached images are spam links, so it doesn’t realize that the “links” are to images hosted on the forum itself. I’m not sure what they can do to fix it but we can call Victor @VictorLerp

Yeah today I’ve gotten 60 notifications so far, 18 since my last post, this really needs to be addressed because I guarantee that my account will be under review AGAIN

Hi Ricardo,

There is a spam threshold dependant on ‘trust level,’ which hides posts when a user tries to create multiple posts with links to the same domain. All posts are then hidden and require manual review.

We’ve gone ahead a bumped your trust level up one from ‘new user,’ so this shouldn’t continue to happen. We’re sorry for the notification spam; you should be all good now! :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you.