I keep getting emails about my account being locked?

As the title says. I already changed my password once and it seemed to have stopped someone for a few days but I got an email yesterday morning that someone tried again!

And I can’t figure out how to email Epic Games directly to ask for help since the help email address “isn’t monitored” who’s dumb idea is that? How do people contact Epic Games about account issues?!

You don’t need to change your password if that happens, that notification is only that someone tried to access your account over and over again and failed until it locked the account.
The big issue is that many people had account info leaked from other services and since many people use the same passwords for different accounts hackers are trying to use those leaked passwords with your Epic account. If you changed your Epic password once, you should be fine. Also make sure to activate two-factor login.

Umm, no I do not use same password ever…I also changed my password, I know better, I been a game developer since commodore 64… I also have 2FA…it does not matter…I been locked 4 times today, and about 10 times a week…locked… due to some a-hole trying to get in…I have no issues with any other software, site …I also use a proper password manager…to handle passwords, I don’t even know my passwords…I use proper ones…ones no one would know…but if they know your email…some how, they will attempt to log in using bots… to hammered Epic…Many people are getting this from Epic…So its an Epic issue… since many all of a sudden are getting this issue…Yahoo also had an issue not long ago, where a few million, where hacked. and lost accounts…completely./…Epic needs to get on top of this as I can never log into my account…when I need to…and I do this for a living so does my team, and many can’t log in either…

Right, I’m just saying if you get a notification that your account is locked then you don’t need to be concerned about changing your password since they don’t actually have access. They likely have an old password from some other site breach and are trying to see if it works on your Epic account.
Hopefully Epic can solve this soon

No offense to Epic or anything, absolutely top engine, great bunch of guys and mostly good ethics but their account/forum security is by far one of the worst and an absolute shitshow, I am very careful about where and what I register, I actually only have the email attached to this account registered to these Unreal Engine Forums, my Unreal Engine account and the Github associated with UE4 because it’s been a bit of an open secret that security here is lax and potential leaking of info is likely. Despite going through all settings on Github, Epic Launcher and on these forums as well as on the main website and making sure everythings locked down the email associated with this account has been leaked not once, not twice but 3 seperate times! I’ve not had any account locked emails yet but almost everyone on the development team I’m part of has and 2 good friends who use it have as well. If you’re buying anything off the marketplace or spending money MAKE SURE YOU UNTIE YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNTS once you’re done (you can easily re-associate it later) and please, for hecks sake DO NOT LINK YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS as that’ll likely make your account more of a target.

You’re best off using a throwaway (but constantly accessible, so don’t use a throwaway timed email service as you might get important emails from Epic regarding your account) email account with Proton or something specifically for Epic/Unreal, and not associating it with anything else, at least until Epic sorts out their security.

I bet that soon, if not already, people will start receiving phishing emails from Epic impersonators. And in the heat of the moment, quite a few will fall for them.

ya this is getting out of hand, it does cause issue we are LOCKED OUT my friend…we work for a living, and need to get into our accounts when we need to …Now wait…I get LOCKED out 3-4 times a day…never fails when I need to log in…annoying, you guys need to reply and fix it soon…This is a problem… I been emailing about this and my team for 6 weeks or so…and we get no reply, Epic typically has great support, but they ignored all of my team and myself…with this issue… tired of waiting to get into my account for some idiot to lock me out all the time…should see my email, I have a **** ton of locked out… I been patient with this issue…and now its beyond this when it stops me from doing what I need to do… So I know the lock out isn’t long, but its the point and when I need to log in. So if they would send an email and let everyone know what the deal is, that would be the proper thing to do…as someone who runs two business, customers do not like being in the dark…

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Enable two-factor authentication or don’t sign into the launcher. You don’t need to be signed into an account to work on a project.