I keep getting an error when packaging

whenever I package it says, PackagingResults: Error: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: ‘Void Tools.DotNETCommon.JsonWriter…ctor(System.String)’.

I warn you that I have no idea what this problem is, but you might be able to narrow it down with what maps you include:

If you haven’t already, go to packaging, select the eye at the upper right, and select show advanced settings. Then if you scroll down there should be a section for “List of maps to include in packaged build.” This setting makes it so that when you package the game, it includes only these listed maps and any of the blueprints/assets used in them.

If you are making a game with a lot of separate maps that this kind of setting could work with, then you can simply add one single map (I recommend the simplest one in your game with the least assets in it). Then test package your game and see if you still get the error.

If you don’t get the error, then you know it is some asset or blueprint used in one of the other maps and you can eliminate all the ones used in the included map as culprits. If you do get the error, then you have narrowed it down to one of the blueprints/assets used in that map (or possibly some part of your C++ code or a plug-in of some sort if you are using those?).