I keep falling through the floor

i just started to follow a unreal wiki tutorial ( specificallyhttpshttps://wiki.unrealengine.com/Videos/Player?series=PLZlv_N0_O1gZS5HylO_368myr-Kg2ZLwb&video=6PCOJJRcJ4Y ) and im at episode 14 and the guy says by now i should be able to walk around and jump but i keep falling through the floor I have been looking around to fix it and ive noticed alot of people talk about collision,player start ,ect but im pretty new to unreal and im not sure how to access files like that

Do you instantly fall through the floor, or are you able to walk around and jump first?

If you are falling through the floor instantly on play, check that your “player start” is 100% above the “floor”. From my understanding, collision detection won’t work correctly if you or an NPC are “mixed” into geometry.

In simple words, if you instantly fall through the floor, make sure your player start isn’t going through your floor…

He instantly falls , well im not sure what you mean by player start , but I have pulled the floor down so whatever it is its meters above , now when I start the game once I land on the floor I still instantly fall through it , I have even tried making my capsule bigger

Did you follow the steps correctly?
If you don’t know what a player start is, did you skip this step?
Did you compile then save the Game Mode Blueprint?
How about selecting the pawn?

I’m pretty sure I did every step correctly , could maybe reminde what a game starter is maybe I forgot

You do have collision on your object right? You can see that by double clicking on the mesh in your content folder. If you have collision you should have purple lines in the viewport around your mesh.

Player Start → http://prntscr.com/7m3m5m

I have not tried this tutorial myself, maybe tonight if I get the chance.
I am just doing the tutorial that comes in the help manual, and everything is working fine for me. Make sure you have collision turned on.

Just so we are clear I should just move that capsule up and that should fix it?

You can try, but from what you said, it didn’t help.

I ran the tutorial and I am not having the issue…

I’m kinda confused is the player start and the capsule the same thing ? And do you have to change it in the actual level or in another ?

My character or my floor ?

No, the player that walks around… The fbx model you imported. Make sure you have collision detection on it!

Did you go through video 1 - 14, or just start at video 14?

1-14 but it doesn’t matter anymore I fixed it my floor didn’t have colision

Cool! Good to hear!

I was talking about your floor :slight_smile: but you have already fixed :slight_smile: good to hear

Hey I have another question do you have any idea how to get an branch point in the animals graph