I just released an updated video on how to setup/update the ARK Dev Kit

Hello everyone,

Due to multiple people getting confused by the new way you should install and run the ARK Dev Kit, I decided to create a new video explaining how to!
Watch the video: here

Frank “”

Could you please sort your playlist in order of what videos should be viewed first? It’s very disconcerting to go from “setting up” to “supply crates”.

I fixed it for you. Thank you for your feedback!

Much obliged :slight_smile: Very helpful so far!

Frank any plans on covering caves or similar soon?

Hello uzumi. I have been setting up again. It will probably be released on thursday or tomorrow (wednesday)!

I don’t think I would have achieved what I have achieved without your help mate. Much appreciated.

Awesome Frank! your videos are extremely helpfull and i would have been lost without them

Thanks for helping people out with your videos! :slight_smile: