I just lost all my project's data when I added some free assets to it, how do I re-access my old data?

I just added a bunch of free assets to one of my projects that I had spent hours on and to my surprise, when I added all the assets to the project and opened it up, all of my previous work was gone, is there a way I can get it back?..please

whats gone missing? was it levels, scripts, actors, assets?

if it were meshes and things then that would be quite odd. i don’t see any reason those would go missing and i would check the project folder via explorer to see if they just need reimporting. if its scripts then it could be that the files were overwritten if you imported files with the same name. if that’s the case there isn’t much that can be done. if it were something like a level that opens by default then it may have just changed the default and the level may still be there in the content browser.

When things like this happen there’s not usually anything that can be done unless you made a backup. Thats my opinion based on my experience.

The only wase were assets can be “gone” is when you open a project with an older version of the engine. All assets saved with a future version will not be displayed. As assets as only file in a directory then can not be “gone”.

Literally everything that I had put together in this project of mine. All the downloaded assets are still there yet when I opened up that project, it looked as if I had never opened before since the only thing remaining was two different colored platforms (as if it were a floor of some sort), a table and chairs with a prop on them that looks like a statue of sorts (which you can find in the prop section inside the StarterPack File (The one that’s free and automatically adds itself to your project)). I believe that in general, when you start a new project on Unreal Engine, these props have already been placed in your “world” automatically by the system. In other words, it’s like I have refreshed my entire project to its starting point.

Is there a way to access the older project in the newer version of Unreal Engine? If there is, how would I do it?

The assets are backward compatibles. So any newer version of the engine should display and load all older assets and projects. (there might be compatibility problems but you should see assets and projects).

This may seem like a stretch, but try restarting your computer. This has happened in the past in my class, and it was fixed with a restart.

what your describing is the default example level of the starter pack. if thats what opens then it could just be that the default level to open was changed in the project settings.

the more important thing to check is if your assets exist in the content browser or in the project folder via explorer. you kind of make it seem like theres nothing left that you created in the content browser but at the same time you begin talking about the level so its not 100% if your saying things are missing in the level or the project itself.

Alright, thank you for your help, I’ll try it right now

I’ll look into that, thanks for the help!

@ALykins42 I tried that and sadly it didn’t work, thanks for the idea though