I just installed Unreal Engine first time, when it launch stops on 45%

I need help, I’ve been waiting for the program to start for 3 hours

Somehere is written

Delete the entire DerivedDataCache
folder from the install directory:

C:\Program Files\Unreal

What i can give you as advice… this maybe phase of compiling shaders. So if you are opening some huge project, like Kite from Epic… you could spent some time w8 for shader to finish. Check your task manager if UE is spending some CPU time and is writing something to disk. If yes… it is still working.

I would suggest try open empty project, so you can see that your engine can start up properly.
Than try to open Epics stuff or others

I just install Unreal Engine 4.19.2 and Unreal 4.20 preview and also stops on 45% when I open the unreal studio Product Viewer template. With the first-person template is opening.