I just got UE 4.9.0 and i want to make a game but don't know how!

Okay guys,
I just got UE 4.9.0 and i have no idea how to make a game, so if you could spare a couple of moments out of your day to teach me the basics about making a game.

Game details
Horror game
For PC
Single player only with campaign

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
Please do not answer this question if all you going to say is “You shouldn’t have downloaded UE if you didn’t know how to use it!”

Good luck and God speed mate ! Same here :wink:

Now, if one day you learn about game developing well I want you to help other unexperienced users in the future. Deal ? :wink:

Awesome JoshuaHotchin!

The first place to start is to watch these videos:

Watching the training videos is the best way to get started quickly. That way you have the proper terminology down when asking questions. Have fun and welcome to the UE4 community =)

Also make sure to take a look at the documentation + wiki :smiley:

Depending on what exactly you want to create, I can post you some links to useful tutorials

Thanks for the help!
I want to create a horror game in 1st person campaign, then after they finish the campaign they can play multiplayer.

That is pretty advanced, I suggest you start with something small & simple like a 2D Sidescroller. Remember that for a game, you need 3D Models, textures, sounds, code, etc… If you do something small you won’t need all of those.

Everyone is telling the same but for me that’s terribly wrong! If I really wanna make a 3d game, why should I practice learning how to make a 2d game? It just doesn’t make sense! Instead you can give advise and say “Make a 3d game if you want it to be 3d and just bound yourself in a box with 1 model, 1 texture, 1 sound and make 1 feature at a time”. Then the dev will be eager to make what he wants to make as he will like it (not a 2d he doesn’t even like…)and will learn upon what he wants to make.
I am a newbie myself and I have made a working inventory system from scratch with a fully working UI and now my team is working in the dialogue system, soon you’ll hear from us on the “Work In Progress”. If I had listened to you guys and made a 2d sidescroller, I would have just wasted my time based on what I want to really make…

So if you are a beginner, just figure out what you love making and just start practising with that! That’s a fair advise!

Well I don’t mention the 2D sidescroller because 2D is easier (it isn’t), but because you usually have simpler games in general when it is 2D, like an endless runner, while in a 3D game your first impression may be a shooter.

Ok guys, i have been offline for a while!
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Kidding? There are dazillions of Joshuas there…

Don’t try to make a game, edit the current game templates instead and learn from it.

Yeah, there are quite a few Joshuas… Just send me a message on Skype so that I can see your contact.

The templates really don’t have that much content. A good way to learn is to find a tutorial series meant for beginners, and stick with it.

Thanks guys!