I just can't solve this.... Camera / Matinee / Head movement

I’m ready to lose it - I’ve tried and tried and tried, and every version of Unreal 4.4 - 4.6 seems to be differently functioning and hugely varying in stability.

I’m desperately trying to animate a path and then have ‘free’ head movement relative to the orientation of the camera on the path. IE: The camera would still rotate with the path but have a delta based on mouse/HMD movement.

I … Just … Don’t … Know … What … To … Do …

I’ve looked this up all day and it’s not adding up.

Any ideas? I’m a bit lost on if I start with a ‘blank’ file, or FPS mode. I used to be able to use the function ‘Set Actor Location and Rotation’ but it seems dead/hidden/inaccessible in 4.6???

DESPERATE FOR HELP. Thanks so much