I Just Cancelled my Subscription

Though it’s not you, it’s me. Money is tight at the moment so after two months of blissful in-engine experience I am cancelling with the full desire to start it up again at a later date. Again I have to thank the Unreal team and community for the great educational resources and technological innovations. And I am grateful that you have such a flexible system with tolerance even for me so that I won’t be engine-less during this time. Thanks a lot guys. And I wish you the best with your brilliant engine.

I hope you get back again soon. Money is the nemesis of creativity and often the root problem for many artists. I agree with you though, the unreal team is doing GREAT groundbreaking work and this forum is bliss.

And that’s perfectly fine! You can still work with the version that you downloaded and all of the forums and the docs and tutorials are still available for you to learn from. Just check in on new updates and see if there’s anything that you’d like to use and then decide if you want to re-subscribe to get those features.

If money is really that tight, then I guess its no problem. You need to put higher needs first.

But what does irritate me a lot is developers who download, then immediately cancel their subscription, but are actively developing with the engine.
If that is you then don’t be that guy. If you can afford the $19, keep supporting Epic in what they are doing. They are doing a good thing for the game industry.

Completely agree. Not just because the Engine is $20 but the support they give is massive. They really love the community and truly listen to us while other companies just say it and never reply back when we send an email or ask something. Even Tim Sweeney (CEO and Founder of Epic) is here on the forums and AnswerHub!

The $20 is not really that important to Epic, the main benefit is that they get more people using the engine, the $20 is pretty much just to cover support costs. They’ll get a bit of money from the 5% royalty when people make games, but they’ll make even more from bigger games the license the engine because there are more people that are already trained in using it.

Well you need to start making money with the engine before you can keep paying for the engine.

Agreed that epic is in this for the mass 5% royalties, but if 1000 people decide to cancel their subscription but keep using the engine, that’s 3 developer salaries that could have been paid toward improving it.

Just the blatant amount of people bragging or boasting on forums or comments on the internet about how they are going to download and cancel their subscription immediately because they think they are ‘smart’ need to re-evaluate their thinking as being a part of the game industry.

I think a lot of these people are just kids…I think it’s great that they have the opportunity to play around with an engine like this…When I was young computers used 5 1/4 floppies…Pong was really fun…I am just a hobbyist,bad programmer, and even worse artist, and love this engine…I do pay every month, but do not consider it bad for someone to cancel…When a good update comes out, they will find a way to get $19.00, and we all know Epic will keep them updates coming…

I don’t think it’s quite like that, the subscription is paying for things like the servers, and the updates to documentation and support, and of course improvements on the engine. The amount that they’re doing with UE4 is much more than what they did with UDK.
And they’ve said they are fine with people paying for a month and then canceling