I installed UE 4.7.1 , but i can't do anything in launcher

i just installed UE 4.7.1 , now when i press “create Project” nothing happens, after that i pressed “Verify” , now i just can see “update” button, after clicked that, now i just can see “Repair” button. it’s not important how many times i use repair, next time it’s repair too. and on the left of the launcher, it says “unreal engine 4.7.1 is not installed” , even before using verify button. what is my problem!?

Yes I just updated my UE4 to the latest UE 4.7.1 and I’m having the exact same problem! I was just about to post a question when I read this one.
Please anyone can help with this?
I’ve verified it a few times and it’s done the process over and over but still in the top left hand corner it says NOT INSTALLED.

edit: Sigh I removed it to see what would happen and now 4.7.1 has disappeared all together from the install list, I’m only getting 4.6.1.

Hi kkokialisim & QBert,

We are still investigating the cause of this issue but I believe I know how to fix it.

  • First uninstall the engine version (QBert has already done this)

  • Then go to this folder (your file path may differ slightly): C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\VaultCache

  • If there is a folder/file contained inside called ‘UE_4.7’, delete it

  • You should now be able to re-install 4.7.1

Let me know if this works for you or not.



tnx for your replay, i just delete it, the contents of launcher folder in drive C and my main unreal 4.4. and downloaded the setup file again. i will download all staff from start. and i hope, i don’t get this error again.

hmmm… i just installed launcher. now when i go to library tab, there is a button for UE 4.7.2, but under it, it just says “Please wait” , and it don’t change.
and i went to C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\VaultCache, it’s empty.

Also be sure to check “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Launcher\PatchStaging” and delete the affected launcher folder and try downloading the engine again. This is where engine files are during the download process.

-Max B.

Oh noes I hope I don’t have to re-download it :frowning:
It took me 2 days to download it in the first place with my slower then slow internet :frowning: I’m away from my UE4 computer currently so I’ll give it a shot when I go home. Thanks for the replies everyone.

Hi khokialism,

Sometimes closing the Launcher and waiting a few minutes before restarting it will fix this issue. Have you tried that?

you know, i think it’s about my internet or UE just block my access. is that possible? because after closing launcher and try several times, it will fixed. but when i press the button , it wanna goes for download, but after some seconds , like i never pressed that, just show me download button.
and my country wasn’t in the list of registry, i just chose another country.

Hmm, what country do you reside in? We are currently looking into an issue where some users are experiencing this.

it’s iran. but it must be happened after updating launcher, i think. is that my problem? country?

Yeah, Iran is one of the areas. We are blocking IP addresses from certain countries to comply with US law. We are however currently investigating whether we are blocking too aggressively / too many people.

We will post back as soon as we have an update on this.

OK. i think launcher had an update. and now i updated my engine. for the last question. my engine is placed in “C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.7” , can i just cut this folder to another one and work with it? or it must be in “C:”?

It’s best to leave the engine in the default installation folder. It will also always install on the same drive as the Launcher. If you need it installed on another drive, you will need to uninstall the Launcher and re-install it on that drive.

ok. but i already moved it to another one. and it works well. and tnx a lot for all of your replies.

Hi khokialism,

Five counties remain blocked from downloading UE4 as required by US law.and Iran is one of these 5 countries.

Please see this forums post for more information.



I am a long time Unity user and I have made and published many games using Unity. I made a attempt to download install Unreal Engine but I am just frustrated and give it up. People who are using it and making good games with it, Kudos to you, but for its just frustrating. Its been 5 days I am still in the process of downloading the engine. I have my download stuck at “Pleas Wait” and seriously its too much trouble. I don’t understand why do you have to force people to use launcher and not give any offline download link. I am using Mac and have a pretty good Internet connection. Sorry to say but Unity is way better and helpful in this regard.

Thanks to the team for such a terrible job. May be your engine is great and it has a very good graphics output quality but I want to spend my time “making” games and not fixing the launch issue and sending you “logs” of each and every failed attempt I make to start the engine.

hi. i think you just have a bad start. yes maybe most of us had this problem, but each time i ask my problem in forum, i reach to a good point. in my opinion you must ask that question and share your problem, then staffs can help you. with giving up like that , you can’t solve that problem. but for your problem, if i were in your place, i would remove it and download it again, i believe that can fix your problem. but like i said, the better and logical way is to ask a question.

Hi getbiks,

I’m sorry that you are having issues with our Launcher process. In order for us to best support you, we have recently modified our process for how we handle Launcher issues.

Please visit: http://help.epicgames.com

Here you will find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance.