I imported a 3D scanned model from Blender to UE5 , but it looks blurry and washed. What can I do?

Hello, I imported a 3D scanned model from Blender to UE5, and it looks blurry and washed. It looks fine in Blender, but after I import the fbx to Unreal the mesh and textures look different. Any ideas?

It looks like your textures are much lower resolution in UE5. You could check if the texture map pixel resolutions in the Editor are the same as the original source files. If you exported textures from Blender, this might be why.

Another possibility is that the texture map in blender was baked into per-vertex colors in the export, and that is what you are seeing in the UE5 scene. I can’t really be certain, but the bright speckles on the back wall look like what happens when baking to vertex colors.

I checked the mesh and the texture, both seem good. Texture has the same resolution as the original one, the issue seems to be with the material, it looks blurry when I am adding the texture to it for some reason.

Sorry, I guess you would need to post the original and export files for me to be able to tell you anything else. I will say, your UE screenshot looks very blurry in general, ie the icon borders in the bottom-right.

Hi @Tudor044 - did you ever get a resolution to this? I have the same issue in UE4.27. My scan is quite large, and re-importing the FBX I create in blender back into blender looks fine. Importing into UE4.27 has similar artifacts to your screenshot - lower resolution, some black spots, etc.