I how can I switch from level Static Camera to Third Person Camera when I'm Aiming

Hi, I’m doing a Game like Fatal Frame, Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
I was wondering, how exactly I can switch from level Static Camera to Third Person perspective when I’m aiming
and going back to the last Static Camera I was at before aiming.

Ps: my Static Camera are in the Level BluePrint and the Camera I want to switch to is the FollowCamera in my ThirdPersonCharacter.

Thanks guys

Just get the PlayerController and use Set View Target With Blend to set your new camera (with the new view target being your character; the function picks up the camera within your character automatically). It may be a good idea to save your static camera value as a variable, so you can switch back to it when going out of third person view.

This setup in the Level blueprint uses an input function called SwitchCam to switch between the current active static camera and the camera within the player character. By changing the “static cam” variable, you can easily change from which and to which static cam the player needs to transition. Blend Time can be anything you want; I used 1 second, but you can make it instant or whatever.

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Thank you for your Reply.

The Switching work ,but it comes with 2 other problems.

First of all, I restructured my camera system.

Instead of having all of them in my Level BluePrint I created a separate Blueprint receiving a Camera Reference from the Editor and setting a public variable “Last Cam” to the received reference , so it keeps track of where I am in the level.

Doing What you told me in the level Blueprint works, however when I switch the cam it will always bring me back to the camera where the level start (Cam_room101)

I was thinking to get the public Variable from my BP_StaticCamera Blueprint (Last Cam) instead of getting the variable from the level Blueprint (Last Cam Ref) like this:

But I got no Idea of where I should plug that Target node to.

And the Second Problem is When I press The Aim Button, I only got the Camera changing, it seems to bypass the actual animation putting my Character in the Aiming stance. This Aim Event is already used in my ThirdPersonCharacter_BP:

Thanks for your help by the way

I Finally Resolved all of The Issue Thank you for the tips