I have this error while packaging: Error writing to file. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Hello! As the title says, I have this weird error that the interned has never encountered apparently. Here is an example of a line:

Error: Error writing to file: D:/2022_Projects/Gameloft/UE5_Windfall/WINDFALL/Saved/Cooked/Windows/WINDFALL/Content/Megascans/3D_Assets/Huge_Icelandic_Rock_Assembly_slesW/S_Huge_Icelandic_Rock_Assembly_slesW_high.ubulk (The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.)

When searching the internet I found that it’s something related to USB drives or some sort but the project is stored on a normal hard disk.

Does anyone have any clue about this one?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @WWM,
Please check the file: D:/2022_Projects/Gameloft/UE5_Windfall/WINDFALL/Saved/Cooked/Windows/WINDFALL/Content/Megascans/3D_Assets/Huge_Icelandic_Rock_Assembly_slesW/S_Huge_Icelandic_Rock_Assembly_slesW_high.ubulk: is not damaged or in a restriced folder. Make sure the ue5 has the right settings on your file system:

Screenshot 2022-11-01 203608
Make sure the file is not in a zip folder as that might cause problems.
I have out lined the things you need in green. Just ignore the purple, I for some reason out lined it???


Hello and thanks for taking the time to post. Unreal is set correctly apparently so the above issue did not fix it.

However I moved the project to a new HDD and it worked just fine. It must be something wrong with that HDD, I wonder what and how it can be fixed. But sometimes it’s better to move on in any fashion you can.

Again, thanks a lot!

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