I have the 3D skills. Do you have the programming skills? Collaboration.

Sleek programmer? I need your help. Looking for someone who can code in blueprints and C++ yet needs a 3D artist to collaborate with. I am looking to work with someone that wants to make truly creative games.
Lets flex our minds and push our limits. I am a 3D designer that can code a bit and have a work in progress, yet always open to brainstorming with you.

If you want to see some of my 3D work you can find some here:!portfolio/cwvn

:] Player_Pix.png


Are you in IRC?


Hi zenbubble,

Now this sounds like its up my alley. Im all about developing unique features in my games. How do you feel about RPGs? Im developing a very unique one and its open to new ideas and art. More details in my link below. If RPGs are not your cup of Tea, we can discuss genres that are. PM or Skype: techlord_on_skype

Thanks for reading

Contact me on Skype.