I have submissions a PCVR bug, but its 9 days, there isnt any reply for me

Hi, I am a game developer, i was developing a PCVR games, but in the process, i find two critical problem about the unreal engine 4, that stop my process to long.

1.When the project set “Instanced Stereo” set ture, the water material set Blend mode “Translucent”, Lighting mode “Surface Translucency”
the VR HMD render is Wrong, the HMD`right eye rending like shit.

  1. When the project set “Instanced Stereo” set false, and the Landscape LOD set “-1”, Landscape 20km*20km, Create by world machines
    My VR HMD landscape some time not show, its become Transparent on the HMD`s right eye.

I have submission the case#00255955 , but there isnt any reply for me.

what`s happening?

It used to take about 2 weeks for a reply before the pandemic. They are backed up now, it may be up to 2 months before they reply. They do eventually though.

OH my god,:eek:
OK, thank you.