i have some question regarding curves

please i have some question regarding curves. when you are not playing any animation at a moment but you query a curve value that not exist in that animation but in other animation that are not playing at that time what the value ue4 gives you is it 0 or -1 .?
when you are blending two animation both of them having same curve but different values which value ue4 will give you if you query the curve value .?
can we change a curve value by scaling it using another curve not just a fixed value .?
why some times use curves attached to animations and some times use curve assets .?
is there is a way to see the animation curves of a bone in ue4 like in maya .?
when we modify a curve vale is there is a way to keep the modification permanently in the curve .?
is metadata just a value of 1 like a Boolean .?
can you enplane how additive animations made in DCC applications .?

the avarage based on blend %.

A curve is just a value at a given time and blend of a given animation. You can do math however you see fit, so multiply by another curve is fine.

Curve assets are different things.

Don’t think there is, the values are obviously there, there just isn’t a visualizer for them.

How are you modifying the curve value? if you edit the value in the animation curve you can do whatever, save, and it is permanent.


Additive animations are just animations that add on top. So they move whatever bone from where it already is by however much the pose calls for. I’m not aware of any particular procedure required to create them, they are really just regular animations used differently…

really thank you MostHost LA for taking time to answer my question i searched a lot for answers but i didn’t expected to find a guy who know the all the answers here and everyone time .