I have some problems and question with Unreal Engine Colloborate using github. Please help me..

Me and my friends want to work together on a project with unreal engine, I found the video using github to collaborate. But I found plenty of problems…

The problem:
I have a problem with cpp files (Perhaps every files inside source folder) I can’t commit cpp classes from inside unreal engine using source control, because it doesn’t detect any cpp files. “Check out modified files” option is grayed out.
However, I could commit all that through github desktop app , github does detect all that files, I pushed it all and my friend pulled it, the files does sit in the project folder, but they aren’t showed inside unreal engine even if I restart the program.
Only way I could see them inside unreal is I have to re-clone the project but still there is a next problem with include function inside the code. It said it couldn’t include the header file and I need to fix which I don’t know how. But maybe this problem isn’t really a problem?? cuz I can compile in unreal without any errors??
I’m just a beginner at game development and these system. so please help me.
And I have some questions about colloboration.

  1. Can 2 persons work on the same scene at the same time and then push all things up and merge scenes together??
  2. Can I push files bigger than 100MB??
  3. What is the limitation of Unreal colloboration?
  4. If I add new model in to the project, how can I send the model file to my team? Do I need LFS? or should I send it using other way like google drive and manually put it in project folder??

Thanks for all answers…


Sorry to hear that you guys have some problems using Sourcecontroll, Git.

  1. No and maybe.
    So a scene is a Umap which as I understand it, is binary code, which you would not be able to “merge”.
    But normally you work in different “Levels” and then use some kind of steaming method to connect them.
    Here is an alternative if you are willing to spend some money but I cannot recommend it as I have not heard any news from this company in a while:

If you are using SVN, Perforce or Git then yes, you can commit and push files larger than 100MB.

Sorry but what do you mean by Unreal Collab Limit? Github have a “limit” until you need to spend money.

So if everything has to be free then I would recommend GoogleDrive or maybe SVN.
Otherwise, I think that both Dropbox could be an option.
If you are willing to spend money then Perforce.