I Have Questions about Building a Team.

Hello I’m currently working on a pixel looking indie game that will have the looks of 2.5d, meaning a 2d character in a 3d space, but the 2d character is a rigged 2d flat models I did in Maya. This is very simple style and easy to produce characters.

The idea behind my game is pretty much in a nutshell, a fighting mugen style game that incorporates special moves and basic fighting (combo street fighter system) in a side scrolling base camera which uses 2.5d space. So the characters can move up, down, left, right, and diagonal. However for safe zones, camps, buildings, I would like to use a 3rd person style movement and camera. So whenever it is a fight zone it goes into the side scrolling way and when you are in an area to talk to folks or interact you enter a 3rd person view. I want to get that Paper Mario feel with the 2d characters always facing the active camera.

The game will include items, money or scrap you can find, crafting system, and a level system. I want the player only to be able to equip a certain amount of items but yet can carry other inactive items. The items will have a hierarchy system so that you can combine items to get another item until you have made the final main item. I want the player to be able to use the lesser items as well. Picture League of Legends and how their items function in a hierarchy state. Speaking of League of Legends, the items will have stats that boost melee base attacks, abilities based attacks, and defensive based stats. It will work together along side the leveling system.

So I’m a newbie to Unreal Engine and I plan to learn the basics. However I’m going to need a programmer, musician, and sound designer. All art assets, 3d models, character models, and animations, are all going to be done by me. The backgrounds will have the minecrafty tile look to it. The reason I’m picking this style is because it is simple. I’ve seen so many people get way too ambitious with their projects that lead to them to never get done.

Anyways enough rambling, for my project I want to pay my team through royalties. However I was wondering what is the best way to go about this. For example I know for a sound effect person I would go about it with 5% royalties per game sold until $500 total is met or something like that. As for the musician it would be the same except the total amount would be much higher than $500 obviously. However for a programmer who has to do much more work I’m assuming it would be paid by royalty for as long as the game is being sold or is it until a total is met?

Also how would the programmer go about programming my game? Would I have to have all animations, characters, and backgrounds done, or enough for a prototype build (Lacking some characters and stuff)?

Would the programmer be about to create blueprints for me to use so I can create the levels with it?

Also how hard would this be for a programmer to create in unreal engine? What assets will he need to create blueprints for what I want? Also how do I find a credible programmer?

Thanks for the help!

Hey there,
The idea is awesome I should say. I worked with Matthew for a long time on my game design and animations. His hourly rate is $150 now, and you can contact him right away on Upwork. Or you may also look for (his profile ID on the Upwork service).

Hey there,
The idea is awesome I should say. I worked with Matthew for a long time on my game design and animations. His hourly rate is $30 now, and you can contact him right away on Upwork. Or you may also look for (his profile ID

Do you have his contact information? Email?

How do I contact him? Also I’m not sure what Upwork is. Thanks.

Here’s his profile on Upwork - Matthew Newport.I contacted him directly. But you need to register first.

Dude just don’t be stupid. It’s painful to look at. 150 an hour? Seriously? Average pay is 5 dollars/hour in developed countries on freelance sites.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

No. 5$ an hour is a standard price for 3d modeling in USA. You can go and check it yourself and look at portfolio of the modelers. The whole thread seems to be a PR of Matthew since both of posters have 2-3 posts and both joined in february. It’s either they are all Matthew in my opinion or are just very unexperienced. I have encountered 3d modellers who tried to fool me into paying them 100 dollars for a 30 minute job thinking I am some лох, but after acknowledging them that I actually understand something about it they were magically dropping the price to 5 dollars. Just perceive things realistically. People always try to make you pay more than the actual product’s cost and 3d modelling is no different than any other field. Of course it’s sad that there are such people among us, but it’s mostly modellers from the outside that don’t have direct connection to gamedev. Gamedev brotherhood is mostly honest.

For a professional freelance 3d artist based in USA/Canada/UK/EU, they start at about $30 an hour.

Sure, you could find a student or hobbyist that is willing to work for $10 an hour, but the results, speed, and/or working relationship will likely suffer.

Yes, let it be 30. But not 150 like this Matthew demands.

On his profile it says Matthew is a programmer, not a 3D artist. Anyone willing to program for five dollars an hour in a “developed country” will probably not be doing a very good job because otherwise they would have been working at a company willing to pay much more. I don’t know about standard rates for 3D artists, but for programmers I would say it is on the high side but not outrageous. Sure, you can find programmers that have a lower hourly rate but in the end you will just end up spending more to compensate for the lack of quality. Or, as Dijkstra put it:

Just because this guy replied doesn’t mean I’m working for him or some conspiracy. I’m here trying to get help. Don’t be an ass.

I’m a 3d artist and the game is 2.5d, I’m only looking for a programmer, musician, and sound person. This game is not too complex. Thank you for those replying. I would love any feedback because this is the only way I’ll get better. So if I get a guy for $30 an hour and want to pay him royalty. Should I create a written agreement that for every game sold he gets a certain percentage until he hits his price? Like $5,000 or whatever the number ends up being? I’d rather do it this way to keep things accountable and also if the programmer decides to bale or not produce (lazy), under the agreement he cannot receive anything unless he has fulfilled his agreement. This in turn helps him or her if they do finish the agreement they will get their money.

Also where is the best place to find someone who can create a blueprint like the one I’m asking? Thanks.