I have problem help me You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash

What i need to do.

Thx this should help me.

How to install debugging symbols:


It says the same thing what i need to do

Are you sure that install debug symbols in the same engine version as your project? Engine with debug symbols can show you callstack to understand that happened and which actor has error, etc.

I dont know

How to do that
I dont understand

are you trying to use unreal engine to make games or are you trying to play fortnite?

In your project folder is file “some_name”.UPROJECT. Right mouse click on it → Switch UE version will show your current version (4.18, 4.19, etc). Then in Epic Games Launcher please check that the same version has installed debugging symbols(follow steps in my first message).
Debugging symbols is instrument to know details of your crashes.

did anyone have discord to help me tru discrord

i want to play fortnite its my favourite game

My discord is Dexter

For fortnite help go to the fortnite support page