i have probelms importing textures from blender to ue4

Hello everyone, I hope you have nice holidays. First I wanna ask sorry if I have the wrong category for my problem but I am new on this and its complicated for me. I need help with my project. When I import textures with custom node (I downloaded it from a youtube video and I use this node for scaling and making the texture like its not looping itself) from blender to ue4, the textures remain big and it looks like the ue4 ignores the custom node.
You can see the photos below to understand better my issue.
My problem isn’t the color but the scale of the textures are bigger on ue4 than in blender.
I use the poligon node to scale textures in blender but it doen’t work on ue4… any help? thanks!

UE does not know about blender nodes.
You will have to create a material in UE that does the same thing.

  • ue4 also has texture coordinates node
  • multiply texture coordinates with constant node/number, attach this multiply result to texture UVs
  • multiplying with less than 1 like 0.1 or 0.5 etc means, downscaling UVs, texture becomes big.
    multiplying with greater than 1 means, upscaling UVs, texture becomes small.
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I know about the texture coordinate node in unreal engine but what about the “Global texture rotation”? i’ve seen some tutorials that use texture viriation but its too complicated and not what am looking for. Any ideas for that? (global texture rotation on blender rotates the texture’s tiles and make the texture look like its not looping itself)

This is a function I use to scale, rotate and shift UVs. You can use the nodes in a normal material and replace the input nodes with parameters or values.

How about the texture variation node?
Here is a tutorial. Doesn’t seem to be complicated I’ve never used it myself.

Try this for Global Rotation…

For scaling its fairly simple… you can use something like this