I have potentially lost my Project files because it "could not be compiled/rebuild source manually"

This is my first time posting here and I like to address my issues in dealing with scripting or coding is too overwhelming for me to find any basic solutions when I find it hard to follow and understand the procedure which sometimes I questioned whether it has any relevance to the problem that I’m dealing with.

Going straight to my point:

I made a mistake when I went to the C++ section without thinking and clicked “Add to project” because I wanted to update the third-party plugin which I’m required to build and update from 4.25 to 5.0. and I did not understand the process when I installed Visual Studio 2022 which wasn’t working before.

Little did I know, when I saved the project and closed it, then reopen it I got the error " could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually."

Some people suggest migrating assets to another project however I’m unable to directly open my project file anymore, therefore I’ve copied my content folder and created new project instead and pasted there however this created new entirely problems.

When I load my levels world partition in a new project, it affected my performance with my landscape where somehow my video memory has reached the limits which I never initially have this problem in my older project and some of the assets and material are not properly loading.

I couldn’t do anything even when I rebuilt everything doesn’t seem to change anything so I went back to my older project to find some workaround.

I basically followed a video where I generated my project file with Visual Studio and after generated successfully, it still gave me the same error with failed compiled message whereas the guy in the video was able to successfully rebuilt it and open the project.

I only really need the environment with ocean plugins and its assets.

I’ve run out of my limits and my capacity so If anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve it, I need some step and step instruction so I can understand the process.

When you have Visual Studio files, you can manually compile in Visual Studio without opening the engine, and it should show you all the errors there are.


I’m too new to this. Where do I start?

Open your project in Visual Studio and press build (it’s either F5 or F7, I mix them up =) )

When it tells you it can’t be built, open the errors window and see what it says there.

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It gave me the error message:

“Unable to start debugging. Check your debugger settings by opening project properties and navigating to Configuration Properties -->Debugging”

However the Build output result showed no error except that it reported that succeeded the Build which is strange because the project file still not work.

I could not find Debugging under Configuration properties so I’m left with just only “Configuration” so I’m wondering if this is the setting that I’m supposed to work with?

Under the configuration, the default was set to “BuiltWithUnreal” so do I change to “Invalid” and do I uncheck Build?

EDIT: Okay I found the Debugging in the Solution Explore under the Engine when I right-clicked to the properties however I tried launching all of the Debugger and it still not working. after I pressed F5. Build only worked if I manually selected each of the attributes under the Solver Explorer Outliner.

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open the project in visual studio and right click on the project name -->properties and set this settings

save, restart vs and rebuild the project

hope it helps, cheers!

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It looks like the debugging issues work momentarily except this time a new error message appeared.

It reads " Unable to start program C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0\Engine\Intermediate\Build\Unused\UE5.exe"

The System cannot find the file specified

What does this mean? Do I have to install the unreal application to this directory? What am I missing?

Delete .vs folder and yourproject.sln file
Right click on the game launcher and click generate visual studio files
New .vs folder and yourproject.sln file will be created, open that .sln file right click on the project name and select build under visual studio

hope it helps, cheers!

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Can you tell me which directory the gamelauncher am I supposed to look at? I went under the program file and right clicked the epicgamelauncher.exe and there was no option that allows me to generate visual studio files.

Unless you mean my project file which I basically redo it again after deleting the .vs folder and .sln and generate the visualstudio in my uproject again which recreated new folders. It still gave me the same error message where the UE5.exe is missing

oh, so its mean you are using the precompiled non-source version of the engine, it will have problems with VS .
build the source version of the engine and retry

Apparently, I’ve been able to recover my project when I copied a new blank of the .uproject file and put it into my unreal projects directory with the one which would not open, and that somehow opened the level just fine.

It took such a simple step to resolve everything lol

So what does this insinuate that it’s precompiled because I thought the whole purpose of this setup was to Build and recompile? I also realized that when I opened my .sln of my corrupt file, I realized that I didn’t follow your step correctly as the project that you mentioned should be under Solver outliner however it is not in the outliner so I got mixed up thinking you’re referring to the Engine which is the debugging and Building process I took and gave me this error.

Again I’m too new with Visual Studio and programming so I like to learn more about how UE Builds and Compile work

as you said you are a completely too new with visual studio, I am recommending you to go with this UE4 C++ - Survival Game Course This will teach you Visual Studio and Unreal Engine to a very advanced level, you will be able to develop a basic PUBG game in solo.
This course contain everything to learn you need including assets.

hope it helps, Cheers!

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Thank you for sharing. I’ll look into it.