I have no idea why i'm getting this error, i don't see anything wrong

i am a beginner and i’m trying to make my own project but i came across this error and i don’t know whats wrong, if someone would help that would be amazing

Make sure you aren’t destroying Magic_projectile anywhere else before you destroy it here. What the error trying to tell is that the actor DestroyActor function is supposed to destroy doesnt exist.

i think it means that your cast to destroy the simple ai is failing to read the simple ai because it’s already destroyed, i have no idea how to fix it though.

if you double click the underlined sections of the message it should open up the source of the error which might help

you last If cause the problem

when the if is not reaching 0, you are killing the magic projectile. but when it is you are killing the current actor and again the magic projectile. the second time should be checked. use ?isvalid before killing the magic projectile so when the if execute true node ensure the object exist.

More than likely, the magic projectile isn’t valid on the cast. Just hook up a print text or something to the cast failed to test that theory.