I have Maya 2015 with fbx 2015 should I change to fbx version 2013?

Hi I was wondering if I should export my files with 2013 fbx version or 2015?
Would that create any problems?
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Michail,

Unreal Engine 4 currently uses FBX 2014. This was updated in 4.2, however, our official documentation page for FBX importing has not been updated yet to reflect this.

Using a lower version will throw a warning every time you import an object. It has the potential to cause issues, but it may not.

Iā€™m not sure about the FBX 2015 import since I do not have access to anything past 2014. It may import into the engine and throw the warning, or it may not import at all. Iā€™m not sure.

Best option is to use FBX 2014 when exporting. :slight_smile: