I have issue with a cast on a Get Asset


I’m testing Editor Utility Widget on BP and I want to have a ref on my current selected asset (that’s work) but each time I want to cast my selected asset as a class it always fail !

Do you have any idea of why ?

Thanks !

I notice you have your messages the wrong way around, that’s not helping I think…

Nope I made a mistake writing my prints but I juste wrote them before the screenshots, I always have the “work” print !

Hey Laoil Logan,

I believe I ran into this issue a while back working on a project. The information that you are returning is not actually what you think it is. It will be way more generic. I believe it returns “Blueprint”, “Texture”, ect. I don’t believe you can get specific blueprint/widget classes using this method. Though I may be wrong, I ran into this issue over a year ago. I would suggest print stringing the actual return.

I hope that this information helps.

Make it a great day