I Have found a BIG bug in the base fuction SplitLines(TArry& ........)

I’m chinese and I am proud about it;my english is poor;
BUT I am Angry,for when use chiese charactor in the file ,it sames to be messy code,The development manual says a lot " C++ Source Code Specific to East Asian “” ,but no help; so I read the source code, I find that ,the function SplitLine(TArry& …) ,will split a word into two halves,and each half make a new word,.for each chinese will take two Byte;

you can see in the code:

SplitLine(TArry& …)

WorkLine += static_cast<TCHAR>(Buffer*);

i fix it by
FUTF8TOTCHAR();and it work!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Did you post this in Bug Reports?

I will report it soon