I have EU4 , can I buy UDK3 license yet to publish?

Hi, I haven’t started a project yet, but I have a lot of code done with UDK3 to use in a next project. I had planned to buy the license when the project was in progress.

But I don’t find the link to buy the UDK license, has been removed?

Can I publish a UDK3 game with the UE4 license or I have no chance to publish anything made ​​with UDK3?

Hi CobaltUDK,
Check out the EULA for information regarding subsriptions for development. It is located here:
If you require terms that reduce or eliminate royalty for an upfront fee, or if you need custom legal terms or dedicated Epic support to help your team reduce risk or achieve specific goals, we’re here to help. Please visit to begin a discussion with us regarding your development needs.

Thank you and have a great day!

Thanks, but that talks about UE4. What I want is to purchase the old UDK3 99$ license to publish games with UDK3, if it’s possible.

Because of the new engine billing has multiple options, I would recommend contacting them at to receive further information. I hope this helps!


I will do, thanks.