I have downloaded UE and if I copy all the files to another computer will it work?

Hello! I have downloaded the UE today and installed it on my desktop. Now if I copy the whole folder of UE (D:\Downloads\Epic Games) to another computer i.e my laptop, will it work?

I have read other questions about similar problems hence did not even try to copy it at the moment!

Best regards!

Hello Robert_07,

When you say that you downloaded UE, do you mean that you downloaded it from the Epic Games Launcher or from Github?

If it’s from the Epic Games Launcher, this will likely not work as the prerequisites and other things such as Visual C++ redists and Direct X versions are also installed during the process and placed into other locations.

If it’s from Github, you should be to do so. Keep in mind that running the Setup.bat command in the folder for Source builds will require an internet connection however, as I assume that the lack of one for the laptop is why you’re looking to move it over from your desktop.

I already have the Visual Studio 2013 installed on my laptop and also Visual C++ redists and Direct X latest version.

The UE prerequisites are not included in those however and must also be installed. I still can’t guarantee that it’ll work as I’ve never done this and copying an installation of anything can always be tricky.

I tried this today, but it doesn’t seem to work. This is a real issue if I have to download 19 GB of data all over again to install on my other computer or for installing on multiple PC’s its going to consume a lot of time downloading! If UE prerequisites are available as a different package then it might solve the problem. Ideally best would be a single setup file with all the required data/contents.

That is what comes with the Github version of the engine, however the setup file is just running a process that downloads the required files and will still require downloading things. This download is actually only 5 GB however while the download for the . itself is about 220 MB. This will require compiling the engine though which will take some time depending on your computer’s specifications.

I have fast internet is the lancher will start and download the URT and I can playit liek a dream, but… the it wont install the URE it get to 51% then quick and restart and do the same things over and over say abotu a corrept file i know it not corrept file it down load URT. And I can play it but it wotn let me install the URE so I can start to make a video I was inspired tomake from 2 indi game maker. One making the game called Lost Souls teh other making a game called Dragon ball Unreal and it is alsome both of them. i let Epica games know about it and sent the dxd and error report so I patiently wait on a answer now. I think soemthing wrong with there server or there lancher program for the URE install, download. I even tryed to get the source code off of Gid but no one has it on there for me to get it. teh error is called IS-FC02

Hello Kenshino

I’m sorry that you are having an issue with the Epic Games Launcher. In order for us to offer the best support, please visit http://help.epicgames.com/ for technical support involving the launcher, here you can find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance.