I have begun working on a demo to mimic the game play of an MMO

After awhile of playing FFXIV it made me ask a simple question. Wouldn’t it be neat to make something that plays in a similar manor to WOW and FFXIV in UE4 using Blueprints?

Video here, for some reason the link doesn’t show the thumbnail.

[video]Episode 169, UE4: MMO Game play Project! - YouTube

link doesnt work

It seems to be missing dot: https://youtu.be/yWKXJwKHlz8

Ah my fault. I guess I didnt check if the link is working.

Ill have a new video out shortly that shows a lot of progress on this soon though.

Hey man, looks like you’ve gotten a lot of work down already! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

I am looking forward to this :slight_smile:

This is exactly why i started to learn Unreal Engine.
The only thing i like in MMOs and multiplayer games is PVP.
I realy like PvP arenas in WoW but there are some gameplay mechanics that needs to be improved to make the game more based on player skill and ability to anticipate the actions of other players (e.g. Fake casting).
I have numerous ideas to improve this.
I am looking forward to see your progress.

Fake casting or juking is something I like to see myself. I have a status condition called Pacify where it locks you from all actions that are not marked as a trinket. I have a system in place for trinkets to escape from stuns and roots ect. However pacify is an effect that has to be purged to have it removed which is an action that Support classes will have. Actions like this require the target to be casting when it goes off. I have just a little more to do on this as I want to have full party list setup today.

The tooltip is a bit old as I have now made it so Pacify is a global status much like stuns and roots. (I dont currently have fear or daze as I feel like those tend to be more annoying than fun)

Here is an action I have added recently that mixes with the elementalists damage over time arsenal. Once you have burn status on a target you can perform a devistating attack called combustion which will also reapply a fresh burn in the area of effect around the target.

I also added burst which is a remote target aoe 4 second stun.

I dont use a global cooldown but you have to pay attention to what cooldown group every action is in. The blue text in the lower right is what I call a cooldown group. All actions within that group are subject to the cooldown of that action. So combustion has a long cooldown and burst has a much shorter cooldown. If you pop combustion then the other player now knows you wont have burst for up to 2 minutes!

My focus is to bring choices that play out how combat works with a desire to remove fluff and pho-choices that these games tend to have. I want a boiled down MMO meant for a smaller number of players. People can make their own server and have 32 player limit ect. Yet its gameplay is inspired by MMOs.

What I am currently working on right now is something I call a public party list. This is something I have wanted to see in larger scale MMOs especially the kinds that have open world dynamic events and WvW. Basically The party list is updated regularly when people are within range of you. If you have a friend you want to play with you simply pin their name with a checkbox in the upper left side of his panel. This places these people as a priority and they will always be at the top of the list. Once pinned they stay on your public part list until you decide to unpin them.

This also applies to enemies as well as your enemies will have a public list too. You can even pin enemies too. This was inspired by the Arena PVP in WoW and enemy list in FFXIV.

Anyway, once I get the public party list setup ill do the next video and show everything in action. Ill also release a playable demo.

I never imagined I would have a project like this of my own.

I have the public party system up and running exactly as described above. Ill have a video for sure tomorrow.

Nice one man! Looking really great, arena inspired by Blades Edge Mountains arena?


So here is the latest update on the project.
For some reason my video is not showing as its thumbnail. How do I fix this?

[video]Episode 170, UE4: MMO Game play Project! - YouTube

Nice work!

Thank you!

Latest info on this project here.

[video]Episode 171, I'm back! Now what? - YouTube

Don’t mimic, improve.