I have an SVN Login name, lock name mismatch

In setting up the SVN integration, all is well. It works, UE4 finds the repository and interacts with the repo just fine.

The problem comes when trying to ‘check out’ assets. UE4 uses the ‘svn lock’ command, and then verifies that it got that lock by matching the svn user (login) name with the name on the lock.

Cool, nice way of doing things… However… Our Linux SVN server uses an Active Directory integration that appends a domain to the end of the user name when showing SVN logs or locks.

For example:

SVN login might be ‘fredj’, but the lock (and log) reads with the name ‘fredj@school.edu’. UE4 sees this mismatch and reports ‘Can’t checkout assets…’.

I am looking for any solution to this issue; UE4 config, SVN repo config, server config, anything. Been looking for a week, but no joy.

Server currently uses Apache http: protocol, but svn: protocol produces the same result.

Help! TIA!

Do you actually get the lock when you try this? Or is SVN failing to lock the file completely? Do you get the same result on a non-unreal SVN client like TortoiseSVN?

Have you tried setting your Unreal username to fredj@school.edu?

Based on the answers to those questions, you might have more luck on the svn section of stackoverflow:

There is no way to do that other than hack the svn source control provider to had a new configuration option.

You don’t even have to rebuild the whole engine, you can extract the plugin as a project plugin that will override the default engine one. Then you can submit your mod to Epic Games.

I know that because I faced the same issue with my Git LFS 2 Lock support, as well as for the Plastic SCM plugin!