I have an incomprehensible problem with array append

guys, ( first sorry if its not really perfect I am French ) the objectif is to use a fondry, I put in my iron and when I start the prod I remove all index of the foundry inventory, after that I use an append with an array who only contain 1 items : Molten Iron, it works perfectly, but when I use another append to add the foundry inventory to mine it to the reverse BUT when I leave the foundry and walk a bit ( 20m of distance ) I can add the Foundry inventory to mine if you want screenshot of my blueprint its with pleasure but my variables are in French, ask me and I will send you this, thanks you very much for your help

Hi @Kanja66
English is not the first lenguage for a lot of us, just try making smaller sentences :slight_smile: ,

I am afraid , i dont understand the problem you have,
the problem is that the append happens only once you are far away?

Always try breaking the problem in smaller pieces !
Sure drop us some screenshots

Thanks you a lot for your response, I done my night trying to resolve this but I don’t understand, I’ll give you some screenshots

the button “Récupérer” who says : add to inventory, is here to delete items in the foundry and add it to my inventory, but when its clicked The item must spawn in the red arrow ( character inventory ) but it spawn in the green arrow ( Foundry inventory ) and are duplicated ( if I have 3 irons in it will add 3 new irons ) when I go far away and go back to the foundry and retry, it mysteriously works this is why its imcomprehensible

I also try to do it with 2 for each loop, but its the same, I try with one append, and one for each loop but its the same result, I also ty to break in smaller pieces ( do that in different blueprints ) but it doesn’t works and my laptop as lot of bugs ( I think I don’t have the good method )

thanks you a lot you are the best !

Sorry I made a mistake in the first image, remplace Inventory for use by foundry inventory, ( its when I remake my code after testing with for each loop ) I need some sleep so, if you want I will correct this but its not the reason or I will not here )
The first image is the method I use to add items in the foundry inventory, the second is the method I use to add foundry items in character inventory