I have an idea, need designers!

Hello. I have a great idea for a VR game that would need to be created and be ported over to PS4 VR and PC Oculus rift. If I get the correct group of people on my team to create this, then we all will be rewarded. Will need to sign an legal non disclosure agreement before joining. Will also apply for the VR grant from Unreal. let me know if you are willing to help me make my dream come true! I will help the best I can in every aspect.

Problem with VR is that without it (and without experience in it) it is very hard to develop for it.

I am planning on buying vive next month, so i tried to do some base project to have something ready for it.
But without actual set, doing anything but some art is pointless, and even big chunk of art does not work well without testing in VR.

So my point here is that you probably do not get anybody with VR set willing to join you, there could be some people without such set, but they cannot do much without testing.

Unfortunately you are just another guy with an idea in a sea of ideas.
Not what you want to hear I know, but there it is :frowning:

But don’t be discouraged!

If you believe in your idea, prove it to yourself and others by developing your idea into a basic game via Blueprints and the like.
You’ll have a much better chance of attracting the talent you need if you have something to show! :slight_smile: