I Have an FPS [LAN-Mode], but i want make it Dedicated (with Login(SQL)

I Have an FPS [LAN-Mode], but i want make it Dedicated (with Login(SQL)
I Need DevHelp i want pay for that via Paypal.

Thats a lot of work. Without going into too much detail you very much want a secure web service that runs the authentication against the data that users send their logins through via GUI. Then the rest is stuff like setting up the servers etc etc…

so to tldr; this a bit

  • web dev req to do authentication properly
  • DevOps engineering that sets up your network
  • C++ dev who does your server side programming

and much more… this isn’t going to be cheap is what I am trying to tell you here. (And some people might even try and take advantage of you here…) You are much better off, learning the required skills yourself. Don’t push, do all the things in engine first, ignore the “login” you are trying to do. Focus on dedicated server <-> client architecture, that stuff alone will take you some time to get right. Once you have that you can look into easily adding an authentication mecanism.

Under no circumstance add direct database connection to your game… this is how games get their databases hacked, use a secure web service that deals with the authentication. Anyways I have the feeling you are in need of gaining more experience. Having done the LAN Mode Multiplayer you have already taken a good step forward. Just keep learning and do the UE Engine stuff yourself.