I have a Super Complex Landscape Material and I need Help

Hi. Before I had this material I had made another material that used masks and displacement for terrain landscapes. It worked good and was pretty, however it has become obsolete due to several faults. So my friend gave me a new landscape material, which is even more complex than the original one. He said he’d get on a while ago to show me how to use the rest of it, but he stopped logging in. I am looking for someone to help me have full understanding on how to get the landscape material to work, as it is quite different from my previous one. I am looking for someone good with landscape materials, and can recognize and read complexity.

My skype is David.sominsomin and if you need some money or whatever I’m down for that too. PM me please, once I can use this landscape material to it’s full potential I will be able to finish my environments. :slight_smile: