I have a so bold idea!

Could Epic record every project member’s workprocess in next UE SAMPLE , then publish it ?


That is not going to happen, Think about it.

Yeah Why??

To many idea stealers with money and they have no imagination to come up with something unique, they have to steal them!

Ideas are not valuable. Everyone has dozens of ideas.
Fun games are made through hard work, iteration, and leadership.

That being said, for the samples in Unreal, the ideas are right there! You can download the sample! You can play it! You can pick it apart and see how it works!
That is, indeed, the WHOLE POINT of the sample!

I think that documenting workflows for each contributor in a project using Unreal Engine would actually be quite helpful. While different studios will have different workflows, some things that work great with other engines may be toe-stubbingly painful in Unreal.

Ideas are what makes the game what it is(besides knowing how to achieve the idea). So yes they are valuable. Without them you have nothing.

I mean “valuable” in the sense of “someone will pay you money just for an idea” or “valuable” in the sense of “it’s worth protecting this because the final outcome of a game hingest mainly on the initial idea.”

Everybody has tons if ideas. It’s like carbon dioxide; we all breathe it out, and the problem is paring down to the bits we need, and not using an excess. That paring down requires significant hard work, testing, and iteration.

Just like “a single line of code” is essentially valueless on its own, “a single idea” is essentially valueless on its own. If you haven’t yet understood this, it’s likely you will learn some hard truths in your future …

LOL, so your involved also, Remember what you typed as it will come back to haunt you. Remember that word future and what it will hold for you!