I have a question to ask about the collision of a bullet

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I have a question to ask about the collision of a bullet.

I created a custom bullet with Blueprint, the projectile is launched when the player comes into contact in a given area (range) …

when the player enters the area, it automatically launches a projectile and in this case the player should die.

the problem is that I can not make the bullet harmful, when the bullet hits the player, nothing happens …

I tried to look for tutorials, but I found nothing.

Thank you as always for your availability.

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Once you have detected a hit you should call one of the damage functions provided. You can do it in two forms, detect the hit on the Pawn and then using the HitActor (the bullet) as the instigator of the damage and the current blueprint (your Pawn) as the receiver, or detecting the hit on the bullet and using the HitActor (your Pawn or any other Actor) as the receiver and the current Blueprint (your Bullet) as the Instigator.

For more info about Damage check this nice blog post: Damage in UE4 - Unreal Engine

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Thank you so much for helping me, I managed to do all thanks to your advice.

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Nice I could help! If it worked could accept the answer?

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