I have a question about unreal, is there a way to add more than one height map to the same level in UE5?

or example, i want to add a height map for a mountain to the right side of mi map and a forest to the middle and a desert in the left and then use the UE5 landscape tools to transition between them,similar to how to add static meshes, is this posible?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer, but I’m a noob and I would like to learn more about best practices in creating larger biomes in UE5 too. I think next weeks Livestream from the Unreal folks has to do with World Partition and Data Layers etc. Given that Landscapes are not yet fully supported by nanite/lumen (as far as I know), it might be a situation where we are converting height maps to meshes…? It would be interesting to get some insight on the roadmap for Landscape tools in general too. I think the Quixel folks are working on larger “Mega Assemblies” too which may help in constructing larger maps.