I have a question about the Hover Vehicle (from tutorials on the net)

I’m building a space game (completely unfinished), got my first area that I designed and adding functionality to the game.
First thing I’m implementing is the flyable vehicles (example: UFO’s, flyable spaceships/space jets)
I added the HoverBP from this tutorial:
It works but there’s somethings that are buggy with it:
- cannot see the craft moving with 2 players spawned in

  • everytime the craft hits a bump it will move to the left and become uncontrollable
    fixed this, now looking for a possible reference to script a functional enterable flying spaceship

Basically just wondering, whats a good approach to making a vehicle like this, or are the issues fixable.
I was going to create an object with the system of how a normal jet/airplane would work and use the space jets instead.

This is a video on in game no detail added.

Is your 2nd player a network player or local player? Locally should have no issues, but network players will require you to build rpc events.

Yeah I figured that out and fixed the hovering control and issue that the second player can’t see the moving object.
Even though I have a hovering object that can only be used on surfaces, I’m still yet to find a way to make an enterable spaceship and actually fly around as you would in space.
I’m looking for a possible reference to get this started.

My next question is, would I be able to use the flying project with sample space ship and convert that to an enterable vehicle for the thirdperson player?