I have a problem...

Hi All. Over the course of a year or two, I purchased many game assets (3D, GUI, Music, Blueprints) from the Marketplace with vague game ideas in mind or thinking to myself: *I can use that *here and there. I now have a massive library of assets, enough to actually develop a full blown game or two. My problem is, the assets are all over the place with no common theme or purpose. So I’m seeking help from the community for the ultimate game idea that I can use all of these assets in. I person like FPS & ARPG, but, I’m thinking the game that will use all of this stuff is a game that has a piece of every genre FPS, RPG, RTS, Sim, Sports. I really want to use this stuff, my head is about to explode thinking about all the possibilities. Please help me.

  1. Decathalon type collection of mini games. Lots of people are really good at one type of game. Few are good at ALL types of games.
  2. Game Construction Set - make a mini Unreal Engine with Unreal Engine. People can make their own games and play them based on the assets you have and the genre they pick.

Hi CreativeVilla, that is some out-of-box thinking right there. Both of those ideas are fantastic. An Arcade and RPG Adventure Creator (like MyWorld). Perhaps I could incorporate them both into a single product in which the Game Construction Set uses the mini games as Templates. Although, I fear this product would be too large for solo game dev take on, requiring a team.

I’m seeking for a game concept that could present all the assets in a singular cohesive plot. I had such a game concept with [FONT=comic sans ms]The World of Misfit Toys. I failed to garner any interest from the community to build a team to develop it:(

You’re a lunatic genius Techlord… But you may just end with a sprawling mess.
Why? … Boundaries are usually essential for creativity not open-ended ideas… :slight_smile:
Put the asset bank aside for now and draw from it when you have a sure thing.

@Techlord Are these assets props? Or environments, or both? Ive developed a rough outline of an idea that is more of a eclectic first person puzzle solving/escape room/scavenger hunt/mystery solving type scenario. Which is what made me develop my inventory system:

Hi CreativeVilla,

I have a large assortment of props, environments, music, soundfx, particlefx, UI, blueprints/ & code modules. Your Unreal Engine Inventory Examine Interface is very slick. The UI is clean and simple. I really like how you can focus on the object and rotate it to examine (I’m interested in how you implemented that aspect of the system). Please tell me more about your eclectic first person puzzle solving/escape room/scavenger hunt/mystery solving game concept.