I have a problem when I run the packaged file for the first time.

There is a problem when i first run the packaged file (Shipping mode).

  1. The first time you run the executable, it takes a long time.
  2. The first time you run and enter the game, the surrounding mesh / particle / texture resolution will come out low and display correctly after a while (just like textureStreaming pool over).
  3. Turn off the program and run it again to speed up the execution, and the mesh / particle / tester will display properly.
    (It was wrong. It always happen when i first time run my game)

Q1.Why is it so?
Q2.How can I fix it? Thank you for reading.

I think this is part of the compression process, it seems by what you describe that the game is extracting the required textures/materials for use, and basically using lowest mips until it’s done with the process.

Regardless, I can tell you that in order to help it would be best to specify what platform you are building for and any special settings you may be using for packaging.

If the issue is indeed something to do with compression, I would just add in a loading screen and check that those textures are avaliable at full res before removing the loading screen. Maybe you can even do some pre-loading on the main menu… its not uncommon.

Thank you for answer. I’ll try it.
I have already packaged for the Windows platform.
Oops, Sorry. How can i check textures are avaliable at full res?

Two possible solutions. And a cheese way.

have the main level wait in a spawn area before removing the loading screen by adding a bool at the end of each begin play of every item within the spawn area.
The level then needs to be coded to check those (I suggest in an overlap, since as things load it should trigger). This may still not work for textures btw, as I’m fairly certain begin play is activated anyway.

Convert to level streaming, and that comes with it’s own ways of waiting - probably the best solution.

Cheezit. Add a delay eyeballed on the slowest machine you have.
Other cheesing options are to fade from black very slowly, do an eye opening animation in which the screen is black and suddenly your eyes open. Have the camera look at the sky and slowly descend onto the character etc…

Thank you for your solutions.
I will try your ways!!
But I was already using level-streaming (U_U).

If you are using level streaming, try this.

If you don’t mind a little c++ you could script something quick to expose to BP with