I have a problem using node draw material simple in 4.9

Nodes Draw Material Simple not functional after update 4.9. Draw Texture Simple gives error after lunching game. Error Accessed None ‘CharacterOwner’ from node Draw Texture Simple in graph ‘EventGraph’ in blueprint GameHud.

For the draw texture simple, when and where are you setting the ‘CharacterOwner’ variable?

I use this code from UE4 blueprint samples to project crosshair

After Level reloading I was getting a new pin error message. I’ve created a new node and error has despaired.

I’m still not able to get working (draw material simple) node in UE 4.9 :slight_smile: in previous Unreal Engine 4.8 draw material simple functionality was fine. I have a lot of different functions in my code that uses this node.

I’m using “Draw Material”, not getting any errors but nothing shows up. I’m guessing Draw Material nodes are broken in 4.9?

I also have this problem.

Same problem on C++. AHUD::DrawMaterialSimple(…) does nothing.
In 4.8.3 all works fine.