I have a Mod Breeding problem

Hiho I have a little question about breeding dinosaurs. I created a Prime Ankylo and a Prime Doedi. Now I had to link the new egg in PrimeAnkylo_Character_BP. I also had to link the PrimeAnkylo BP in the new PrimalItemConumable_PrimeAnkylo_Egg_Fertilized. I am looking for exactly this BP for liveborn dinosaurs. For example, the Doedi gives birth to his baby alive, but I do not find a link in the Character BP that refers to the baby, nor do I find a BP that has to do with babies who do not hatch from eggs. I hope someone can help me ! Thank you in advance, your Raikun

There’s no such link, because a child of a dino that uses built-in gestation system is going to be of the same class. All of the properties related to gestation are located in blueprints that inherit (directly or indirectly, doesn’t matter) from PrimalDinoCharacter.

No body knows the BP name?

Ok thank you, that means i cant switch between dinos that will not lay eggs.